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Grow2Glow explores Clean Space.

25 Coaches of the Siemens Female Coaching Network grow2glow wanted to discover Clean Space.

When I stepped into the conference I became part of an warm and friendly atmosphere
and met coaches from all over the world with a lot of interest and enthusiasm in business coaching
and in helping colleagues to grow.

I introduced them to the inventer of Clean Space, David Grove (1959-2008) and to the method.

We did a coaching-exercise in the big group, each person with her/his individual subject.
Then all participants shared their experiences in break out rooms.
And afterwords I answered the expert questions of my participants and coaches colleagues.

I got very constructive and appriciative feedback and I had the feeling, that all of them liked their experience.
I hope to see most of them again soon.

Thank you for having been invited and the ability to meet you, G2G.


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Picture is from Gerd Altmann by Pixabay


Hans-Peter Wellke

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