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The International Grow2Glow Coaches Taste Clean Language.

The Siemens Female Coaching Network grow2glow is always keen on learning, growing by themselves and new experiences.

Birgit, one of the Grow2Glow coaches: "When we grow in our skills, it is great for our Siemens internal coaching clients because we offer it to them."

And Monika adds: "And whenever we help our clients glowing we add benefits for Siemens."

What they love most as a Siemens coach? Facilitating the growth of their female coaching clients to help them to step into the world they like to belong to.

"At the end we all get benefits: our clients and Siemens - and also we as coaches. We are gifted by the appreciation of the glance in the eyes of our clients." smiles Wolfgang,  underlining his role as a coach he likes so much.

So I am very happy to be able to introduce them the coaching method Clean Language at an International Siemens internal Online Conference.

I am also looking forward to meet them again: A few months before they explored Clean Space - and they liked it.

This time they will experience Clean Language not only as a client but from different perspectives:

As a client, as a coach and as an observer.

After the webinar

I looked into happy and sparcling faces. Some had not only experienced the appreciative warmth and guidence ot he other coaches and the method of clean language.

They got the experience of the power and whisdom of their own metaphers, experienced their ressources and has been surprised of their own change just in a few minutes of exercise.

Thank you

Thank you for all the positive feedback you gave to me and thank you, that I could open you the window to a new world of coaching.


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Clean Space for the Siemens Female Coaching Network grow2glow


Hans-Peter Wellke

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  • Andreas sagt:

    For me the CleanLanguage is a great methode to reach thinks
    behind, bring them in front and enable the person to grow
    within this new understanding.

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